Friday, September 6, 2013

WALS2013 Gothenburg

Opening Ceremony
Keynote Lecture 1 Makoto Yoshida (USA)
Keynote Lecture 2 Chen Xiangming (China)
Both spoke about the use of lesson study as a vehicle for reforms. Yoshida used mthematics education while Chen used language education as examples.

Keynote Lecture 3 John Elliott (UK)
Elliott spoke about how lesson study exemplifies Teacher as researcher idea made popular by Stenhouse. Elliotte is well known in the field of action research.

Day 1 comprised three keynote lectures.

MyNotes of the lectures are available here

Day 2 comprised of one keynotes and four plenary sessions with many concurrent sessions.

Keynote Lecture 4 on early childhood education was by Ingrid P. Samuelsson (Sweden) and Keynote Lecture 4 was by Ference Marton and Ulla Runesson (Sweden).

The Plenary Sessions were on special education, teacher education, teacher research, school development from principals' perspectives, and early childhood. There was also a plenary on progress and resistance in lesson study. I am involved in the plenary on early childhood with Kiyomi Akita (Japan) and Camilla Bjorklund (Sweden). The slides I used in summing up their presentations are available here.

Details for WALS2013 in Bandung

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