Thursday, May 3, 2012

Kong Hwa School

Primary Three Professional Learning Team has its lesson revision meeting with me today. They are on MCI Lesson Study Programme. Previously, I have met them for lesson planning meetings, research lesson, post-lesson discussion and, today, lesson plan revision. They use the one hour they have each week (Thursday 0830-0930) to do their lesson study. Their research theme is to engage students in learning. After the research lesson and reflecting upon it for several weeks, the team arrived at two main focus to revise their lesson plan. (1) How to revise the lesson so that students are more engaged in the sense that they are more independent? (2) How to revise the lessons for high ability students so that they are engaged in the sense that they are more reflective and able to communicate their thinking processes? Some possible ways to revise the lesson plan includes (a) to use technology in a more authentic way, harnessing on wireless technology for students to share solutions efficiently and for students to be doing more (rather than teacher demonstration) (b) to create corners where students go to get 'help' when they are stuck and 'extension' when they have solved the required task (to borrow an idea seen at Nanyang Primary School) (c) to use journal / notebook for students to organise their ideas and those of their classmates