Thursday, October 7, 2010

Learning Journey to Japan 13-23 June 2011 (Updated 8 Dec 2011)

This was unfortunately cancelled because of the earthquake situation in Japan.

Makoto Yoshida, Akihiko Takahashi and Tad Watanabe, three Japanese professors teaching in US universities and experts in lesson study are going to conduct a lesson study institute that will start in Singapore and continue in Japan. In Singapore, there will be sessions and workshop on the lesson study process. In Japan, there will be lesson study experience in four schools.

It will take place 13 - 23 June 2011.
If you want a copy of the first announcement, please mail

The tuition fee for the course does not exceed USD1500.
The exact cost is being worked out. This excludes travel and hotel cost.
A local travel agent will be appointed to make the travel / hotel arrangements.
Details are in the First Announcement.

30 places will be available.