Monday, April 23, 2012

First Toa Payoh Secondary School

The mathematics lesson study team did their research lesson today - the research theme is developing resilient behaviours and engaged learning. The post-lesson discussion threw up how engagement and resilience look like in a mathematics lessons. The discussion also centred around how to nurture such behaviours. The discussion concluded with the team members being urged to study students fundamental behaviours that may impact on engagement - for examples, students were observed to be logical (although unconventional) in their responses (a plus point) and they were seen to be not confident of their own thinking and often attribute their correct responses to 'being lucky' (a negative point). It seems that the following processes in learning have potential in engaging students in positive ways - (1) visuals (and some suggested hands-on manipulatives) (2) conversation-style lessons (3) ...

Thursday, April 19, 2012

2012 Eleventh Annual Lesson Study Conference
Using Level 3 teaching to cultivate the mathematical practices
of the Common Core State Standards
Thursday – Friday, May 3 & 4, 2011
Prieto Math and Science Academy
2231 N. Central, Chicago, IL

CPDUs will be available for Illinois teachers

At the 2011 Chicago Lesson Study Conference, we presented the concept of Level 3 teaching, in which the teacher creates circumstances that lead students to discover important ideas for themselves. This kind of teaching naturally cultivates many of the mathematical practices called for in the Common Core State Standards. But what does that kind of teaching look like, and how can lesson study help teachers progress towards it?
This year’s Chicago Lesson Study Conference will feature speakers and, of course, live research lessons to foster discussion among participants around the challenge of implementing the Mathematical Practices of the Common Core State Standards.

Featured Presentations
Cultivating Mathematical Practices in a Community of All Mathematics Teachers
Sybilla Beckmann, Department of Mathematics, University of Georgia; member of the mathematics writing team for the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.
Differences in how level 1, level 2, and level 3 teachers use a textbook
Akihiko Takahashi, Department of Teacher Education, DePaul University, Illinois
Japanese bansho: Using the blackboard effectively to support the mathematical practices
Makoto Yoshida, William Paterson University, New Jersey
Using Lesson Study to Cultivate and Spread Mathematical Practices
Catherine Lewis, School of Education, Mills College, California
Lesson study and Race to the Top: Report from Florida
Lance King, Learning Systems Institute, Florida State University, Florida
Research Lessons
There will be four research lessons: 2nd grade mathematics, 4th grade mathematics (2 lessons), and 8/9th grade algebra.

Lesson study is a collaborative process, so we encourage registration of teams of at least 3 persons.
Special support is available for Chicago Public School teachers and CTU members! See the web site for details.
$280 per person for teams of 3 or more
$310 per person otherwise
Registration includes breakfast, lunch, and refreshments each day.

Register and find more information on-line at the Chicago Lesson Study Group website: