Monday, December 7, 2009

Looking to Lesson Study in 2010

Many of Singapore teachers are now in Hong Kong for the Third WALS Conference. Unfortunately, I am not able to join them this year.

Looking forward to 2010, I will be conducting two inservice courses in the first half of the year. The first is for beginners Lesson Study in Primary Mathematics: Concepts & Design while the second is for those who want to actually try it out Lesson Study in Primary Mathematics: Implementation. The first course is workshop-based training where participants will have a go in crafting research theme and have a sense of what lesson study involves. I was told that 35 participants have registered and as such the registration is closed. The second course requires participants to form teams of three to six and they will be guided through the stages in lesson study.

APEC HRD Lesson Study Project is having the first meeting in 2010 in Japan with research lessons in primary-level science and mathematics. This is followed by two days of conference on discussing lesson study with a focus on assessment and curriculum materials. I will attend as a country specialist under the Tsukuba University fund and four teams from schools and MOE will be joining the conference. Fifteen of us from Singapore will attend the conference. There will be a follow-up conference in Chiangmai, Thailand in November 2010.

The East Asian Regional Conference on Mathematics Education EARCOME5 will be held in Japan and will include a lesson study component.