Thursday, September 26, 2013

Lesson Study at Japanese School in Connecticut

Please save the date: Greenwich Japanese School Open House, Friday, 15 November 2013

Place: Greenwich, CT

The public research lessons have been confirmed:

Apple (Special Education): Mathematics in Shopping 
Gr. 3: Multiplication Algorithm - Two-digit times one-digit
Gr. 5: Investigating Interior Angles 
Gr. 7: 3-D Figures - Spatial Figures (Polyhedrons)

Lesson plans will be sent to Open House participants.

Detailed information will be available by next week at

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

WALS2013 Gothenburg

Opening Ceremony
Keynote Lecture 1 Makoto Yoshida (USA)
Keynote Lecture 2 Chen Xiangming (China)
Both spoke about the use of lesson study as a vehicle for reforms. Yoshida used mthematics education while Chen used language education as examples.

Keynote Lecture 3 John Elliott (UK)
Elliott spoke about how lesson study exemplifies Teacher as researcher idea made popular by Stenhouse. Elliotte is well known in the field of action research.

Day 1 comprised three keynote lectures.

MyNotes of the lectures are available here

Day 2 comprised of one keynotes and four plenary sessions with many concurrent sessions.

Keynote Lecture 4 on early childhood education was by Ingrid P. Samuelsson (Sweden) and Keynote Lecture 4 was by Ference Marton and Ulla Runesson (Sweden).

The Plenary Sessions were on special education, teacher education, teacher research, school development from principals' perspectives, and early childhood. There was also a plenary on progress and resistance in lesson study. I am involved in the plenary on early childhood with Kiyomi Akita (Japan) and Camilla Bjorklund (Sweden). The slides I used in summing up their presentations are available here.

Details for WALS2013 in Bandung

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Bandung 2014

World Association for Lesson Study WALS International Conferences
Singapore 2012
The conference brought together about 1200 delegates from 25 countries across the globe. The largest contingent was from Singapore, followed by Sweden, Japan and Indonesia. For the first time ever, WALS had representatives from 8 new countries: Bahrain, Ghana, Mongolia, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, South Africa and Uzbekistan. The programme included 3 keynote addresses, 6 plenary sessions, 238 papers, 19 symposia, 9 workshops, 41 posters and school visits. The organizing committee was warmly thanked for providing an excellent conference. 
Sweden 2013
This year the WALS conference chaired by Associate Professor Mona Holmqvist, held in Gothenburg between 6 – 9 September, has attracted more than 600 delegates from 29 countries. It is a significant WALS conference because it is the first to be held outside East Asia. The theme, “Learning and Lesson Study as Teacher Research” is being explored through 5 keynotes addresses, plenary sessions, symposia, workshops, poster exhibits and culminates in school visits.
Indonesia 2014
This conference, chaired by Dr Sumar Hendayana, will be held at the  Indonesia University of Education in Bandung from November 25 – 28 2014.  The theme is “Becoming Reflective Educators and Professionals of Learning”.  This conference has received support from the Indonesian Ministry of  Education and Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). The first call  for papers will go out on 30 November 2013.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Lesson Study in Early Childhood Settings

This will happen on 4 September 2013.

This lecture is about the process of lesson study and how it provides teachers with professional development in content, pedagogy and content-pedagogical knowledge. The speaker will describes each stage of the process and what each stake holder can do to maximise the impact of lesson study.

It is given by Dr Yeap Ban Har.

Dr Yeap Ban Har is the principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute and also Director of Curriculum and Professional Development at Pathlight School. He teaches mathematics education courses all over the world and taught at National Institute of Education for a decade prior to his current appointments in 2010. In early childhood education, he teaches courses at SEED Institute / Wheelock College and SIM University. In lesson study, he is Singapore's specialist at APEC Lesson Study research group. He is also a council member at World Association of Lesson Studies (WALS). In WALS 2013 in Sweden, he will participate in a  plenary session on lesson study in early childhood setting with professors from Sweden and Japan. He holds a Ph.D. in mathematics education and Master of Arts in Southeast Asian Studies (NUS) and Master of Education (NIE/NTU).

Monday, July 29, 2013


Some articles on lesson study

Article 1

Article 2

Teck Ghee Primary School together with other schools in S6 Cluster used a modified version of lesson study in their cluster professional development.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Lesson Study Open House @ North Vista Primary School


North Vista Primary School is honoured to organize the LESSON STUDY (LS) OPEN HOUSE 2013 ~ PUBLIC RESEARCH LESSONS, with the support from MOE North 1 Cluster and Citi-NIE, to benefit our education fraternity. We cordially invite teachers from all schools to attend the Lesson Study (LS) Open House.

The theme this year is “Teachers as Researchers”. 

For any good school that seeks to engage its learners, the key success factor is the quality of its teaching staff. 

Lesson Study is one of the key Professional Development Community (PLC) tools that our school utilizes to improve our instructional practices that in turn lead to improved student learning outcomes.

Using this Open House as a platform, we hope to promote LS as an effective Professional Development tool for Singapore teachers. Participants will have opportunities to observe one of the four concurrent research lessons in Primary Mathematics, Primary Science, Malay Language and Physical Education and participate in the post-lesson discussions which will be facilitated by our invited knowledgeable others from MOE and NIE. Kindly refer to the attachments on the details on the abstracts of the lesson study lessons, knowledgeable others and the programme.

Dr. Yeap Ban Har, Principal of Marshall Cavendish Institute will deliver the keynote address.

Date:       23 July 2013
Time:      2.00 p.m. to 5.30 p.m. (Registration and Lunch from 1 pm)
Venue:    North Vista Primary School

Fee:       $10 per participant (for lunch, refreshments and resources)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

EARCOME6 Lesson Study Lecture

EARCOME 6 from Jimmy Keng

Photographs of the grade one open lesson is available on MCI's Facebook.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Lesson Study Immersion Program in Japan

IMPULS Lesson Study Immersion Program 2013 

Project IMPULS (International Math-teacher Professionalization Using Lesson Study) at the Tokyo Gakugei University is offering an intensive Lesson Study Immersion Program in Japan in the summer of 2013 . Dates of the program are from June 23 (Sunday) to July 4 (Thursday), 2013.

Project IMPULS Lesson Study Immersion Program offers leaders of lesson study a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in authentic mathematics Lesson Study in Japan. Participants will observe several mathematics research lessons, developed through Lesson Study in elementary and secondary schools, and participate in live post-lesson discussions. All research lessons and post-lesson discussions will be simultaneously translated into English by the experts, Drs. Tad Watanabe and Makoto Yoshida. In addition, participants will have numerous opportunities to interact with teachers, students, and education professors from various regions in Japan.

Here is the tentative schedule for the Lesson Study Immersion Program 2013.

Arrival day
Opening Session and Workshop: Mathematics teaching and learning in Japan, and lesson study by Drs. Toshialira Fujii and Akihiko Takahashi
Visiting a lower secondary school to observe a mathematics research lesson and a post-lesson discussion
Visiting an elementary school to observe a mathematics research lesson and a post-lesson discussion
Move to Yamanashi prefecture

Visiting an elementary school to observe a mathematics research lesson and a post-lesson discussion weaknesses
Move to Tokyo
Free. Explore Tokyo and surrounding areas to experience everyday life in Japan.
Visiting a lower secondary school to observe a mathematics research lesson and a post-lesson discussion
Visiting an elementary school to observe a mathematics research lesson and a post-lesson discussion
Closing Session
Departing day

Approximate Cost for participating the program

All the costs for the lectures/workshops during the program and the translation of the research lesson, post lesson discussion, and lesson plan will be provided by the Project IMPULS at no cost. The participants will be responsible for the international/domestic travel, and room and board:
      Program fee that covers the cost of hotel lodging during the program: 139,500 JPY (approximately $1600 U.S)
      Meals and domestic travel (approximately 500-1000 JPY for lunch and 1000-2000 JPY for dinner)
      International travel (approximately $2200 from the U.S.) 

Application Form

Please send your application to Akihiko Takahashi at by Sunday, February 10, 2013. Use subject line: “LSIP application”. You may write your responses within the text of the email message or attach them as a separate document (Word, RTF, or plain text format). You will be notified of acceptance or rejection by Wednesday, February 20, and will need to submit a deposit of 10,000 Yen by Friday, March 1.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Chicago Lesson Study Conference

The 2013 Chicago Lesson Study Conference will take place on Friday and Saturday, May 3 & 4, 2013 at Prieto Math and Science Academy, 2231 N. Central in Chicago (the site of last year's conference). The theme of this conference will be on "Bringing the Common Core to life through Lesson Study". 

At this moment we have three math research lessons planned for the two days. Two of the lessons will feature teams from Prieto, where they have been working on supporting student note-taking as a way to help students "construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others." A kindergarten lesson will be based on a Japanese textbook that has been adapted to support the Common Core. A third grade lesson, probably addressing fractions, will focus on teaching through problem solving.

As usual, we will also have fabulous speakers providing insights into the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and lesson study.

A full announcement, with a tentative agenda and information about lodging and registration, will be sent out soon. 

World Association of Lesson Studies WALS 2013 International Conference in Sweden