Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Lesson Study in Japan

In Feb 2010, a group of MOE officers, teachers and master teacher went to Japan to join the APEC Lesson Study Conference which include a chance to observe open research lesson.

In Nov (2-5 November 2010), lesson study specialists from these APEC economies will meet in Chiangmai to discuss the progress in their countries. There will be open research lesson by Thai schools. See http://www.crme.kku.ac.th/APEC/APEC%202010/APECLessonStudy2010_1.pdf

In Feb 2011 (the dates are to be announced), there will be another meeting in Japan. You are welcome to join me at the meeting. You just need to inform me and I will ask the organizers to let you join the conference. It is not a public conference in the sense that people can register and attend. It will include visits to Japanese schools to see open research lesson as well as presentations by different APEC countries. You need to pay for your own air ticket, accomodation at the conference venue (they will book for you - it cost less than $100 per night), your meals (typically Y1000 per meal). They usually do not charge anything for the conference itself. You can estimate how much it cost per person.

Those who went this year can also advise interested teachers on how much it cost per person.

I am also trying to work with Yoshida Makoto to organise a more in-depth learning experience for Singapore teachers. This will include a pre-trip workshop in Singapore followed by a week of lesson study experience in Japan. I am asking makoto to work out an estimate of how much this will cost. If you are keen please email me at yeapbanhar@gmail.com . It is likely to be a year end thing as June is not a good time for Japanese schools.

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