Thursday, September 9, 2010

Course by Academy of Singapore Teachers

Previously, under TDD, a course on Lesson Study Overview has been conducted. This intermediate course for participants to experience Lesson Study is scheduled for 20-21 September at Da Qiao Primary School.

Experiencing Lesson Study (Intermediate)

This is an intermediate course for teachers who are interested in carrying out Lesson Study in their schools.

• To set norms for working in a lesson-study team
• To guide a team through the actual lesson planning
• To draft a lesson plan
• To critique the lesson plan
• To clarify areas of observation during research lesson

The course comprises the following components:
• Guidelines for planning a good lesson
• Develop a lesson plan using teaching materials
• Identify parts of the lesson plan which will support the research theme
• Identify obstacles which will hinder the development of competencies identified in the research theme
• Research lesson (first cycle)
• Post-lesson discussion

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