Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kong Hwa School Lesson Study on Mathematics

Kong Hwa School Primary Three Professional Learning Team used their one hour time-tabled time (TTT) to discuss the anchor tasks in their lesson plan.

The anchor tasks decided at today's meeting is:
Tom had some sweets. Jerry had 5 more sweets than Tom. Later, Tom gave 2 sweets to Jerry.

Possible questions: Who had more sweets in the end? How many more?

Key considerations in subsequent TTTs before the research lesson includes:
In using bar models, students have learn to use a bar to represent known quantities. The use of a bar to represent unknown is new to these students. Models can be used to represent comparison situation (not new) and change situation (new). The team should examine the selected tasks in the lesson so that students have ample opportunities to engage with ideas new to them.

The team should also discuss how to increase the chance of students engaging with critical ideas and behaviours that the lesson is designed for i.e. to engage with problem-solving behaviours that would eventuate in successful independent problem solving.

A week before the research lesson, I will write an entry to prepare the team as to what they should look out for in the research lesson.

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