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Hiroshima International Conference

Hiroshima International Conference 26th – 28th January 2012, Hiroshima Japan

Organized by Graduate School of Education, Hiroshima University and funded by Ministry of Education in Japan. We would like to thank Ministry of Education japan for funding the trip for our six Singapore educators which is led by a teacher trainer, Peggy Foo (from Marshall Cavendish Institute). Team members include science and mathematics teachers from government schools and one special school.

Chair: Koyama Masataka (Professor of mathematics education)
Vice-chair: Isozaki Tetsuo (Professor of science education)

Conference Theme
Lesson Study in Science and Mathematics
Four East Asian Nations International Conference on Improving Mathematics and Science Teachers’ Teaching Competency by Lesson Study

Objective and Aim
The objective of this conference is to share and discuss ideas for improving the teaching and learning of mathematics and science at lower secondary school level (age 13 – 15 in Japan) in order to develop students’ thinking and representing ability in mathematics and science. At the same time, this conference aims to raise awareness among the mathematics and science educators and researchers on the role of Lesson Study for teacher professional development in their teaching career.
We want to share the state-of-the-art of Lesson Study of mathematics and science at lower secondary school level in four Asian countries of China, Korea, Singapore and Japan, and to discuss issues and challenges related to the teacher professional development through Lesson Study of mathematics and science in these countries.

China: Wang Xiaoqin, Pan Sudong, Jing Zejin, Qui Yecheng, Xu Ping, Liu Da,
Shi Jun, and Zhang Renli
Korea: Kim Beom-ki, Lew Hee-chan, Kim Tae Sun, Lee Jaechon, Park Jae Hwan,
Kim Won Jung, Kim Jung Hee, and Cho Young Chang
Singapore: Peggy Foo Pei Chie, Lim Eik Kheng, Soh Poh Suan, Poh Yong Beng,
Seow Jun Jie, and Vanessa Neranjani d/o Muhundan
Japan: Ohtaka Izumi and Fujii Toshiakira

Day 1 Thursday 26 JAN: Registration, Opening Meeting, School Visit,Sightseeing, and Welcome Dinner

10:00~11:00 Registration
11:00~12:00 Opening Meeting
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~13:30 Bus from Mielparque to Hiroshima Higashihara Junior School

Hiroshima Higashihara Junior School
13:30~15:00 School Visit to observe mathematics/science lesson followed by short discussion

15:40~15:50 Boat from Miyajima-guchi to Miyajima Island

Miyajima Island
15:50~17:30 Sightseeing in Miyajima Island
17:30~18:00 Boat from Miyajima Island to Aki Grand Hotel

Aki Grand Hotel
18:00~20:00 Welcome Dinner

Day 2
Friday 27 JAN: School Visit and Workshop

8:00~9:30 Bus from Mielparque to H. U. Attached Fukuyama Junior School

Hiroshima University Attached Fukuyama Junior School
9:30~11:00 School Visit to observe mathematics and science lessons
9:30~10:00 Pre-session
10:00~11:00 Lesson Observation

11:00~11:30 Bus from the school to Fukuyama New Castle Hotel

Fukuyama New Castle Hotel
11:30~12:30 Lunch (Restaurant)

13:00~16:30 Workshop in Two Groups Mathematics Group Moderator: Koyama Masataka Science Group Moderator: Isozaki Tetsuo
13:00~14:30 Lessons from China, Korea, and Singapore
Shi Jun (China)
Kim Jung Hee (Korea)
Lim Eik Kheng (Singapore)
Zhang Renli (China)
Kim Won Jung (Korea)
Vanessa Neranjani d/o Muhundan (Singapore)

14:40~16:00 Discussion and Sharing Ideas for Improving Lessons
16:00~16:30 Summary

Day 3
Saturday 28 JAN: Symposium on Lesson Study and Reception

7:00~7:45 Breakfast (Mielparque)
8:00~8:30 Walk from Mielparque Hiroshima International Conference Center

Hiroshima International Conference Center (HICC)
9:00~17:00 Symposium on Lesson Study

9:00~91:00 Opening Session
9:10~10:00 Plenary Lecture
Kiyohara Yoich (Japan Ministry of Education)
Strategies for mathematics and science education in Japan
10:15~13:15  Symposium on Theme 1 (Science Education)
Improving Science Teachers’ Teaching Competency by Lesson Study: A critical analysis of lessons for improving students’ PISA Science Literacy
Moderator: Isozaki Tetsuo (Japan)
Ohtaka Izumi (Japan)
Pan Sudong (China)
Kim Beom-ki (Korea)
Poh Yong Beng (Singapore)

14:00~17:00  Symposium on Theme 2 (Mathematics Education)
Improving Mathematics Teachers’ Teaching Competency by Lesson Study: A critical analysis of lessons for improving students’ PISA Mathematics Literacy
Moderator: Koyama Masataka (Japan)
Fujii Toshiakira (Japan)
Wang Xiaoqin (China)
Lew Hee-chan (Korea)
Peggy Foo Pei Chie (Singapore)

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