Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lesson Study Across Levels

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At this moment, I am working with lesson study teams in Kong Hwa School - one on Mathematics and one doing English. They are doing their research lessons this week. Pathlight School has completed one cycle - on word problems in mathematics for fifth graders. Pathlight School is an autism-oriented school. Two other teams are starting their lesson study this term at Pathlight School - secondary ,maths and primary four science. Junyuan Secondary two teams (Biology and History) are well on their way in their lesson planning which they do once a week during the one hour they have for professional learning. Sembawang Secondary School's three mathematics teams have just started the process. Two kindergartens are in the process and one of them will be having their research lesson next week. These are PCF Kindergartens Geylang Serai at Balam Road and PCF Kindergarten at Towner Road.

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