Monday, February 14, 2011

Open Lesson Da Qiao Primary School

The open lesson on primary five fractions for a remedial class was attended by teachers from the schools as well as guests from Pathlight School, a Chilean teacher who is in Singapore to learn more about Singapore Math and the executive director of CME Group Foundation in Chicago.

The lesson was designed to facilitate authentic professional learning related to students who struggle. What are their major weaknesses? How can they be helped?

One key point that emerge during the lesson is how fast such students arrive at their (often incorrect) responses. During the lesson I tried to get students to talk to each other and using materials to facilitate their talking. I noticed that some students arrive at improved responses after they were allowed to talk more. Sometimes, the correct themselves. Sometimes they evoke prior learning. Sometimes they became (reluctantly) convinced by their friends' explanations.

Such students do need to cultivate a habit of deeper thinking. When hat becomes a habit, things will fall in place.


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  2. hi Dr Yeap,

    Are there any programmes or processes to cultivate deeper thinking? Is there a structure apart from number sense? There are many different "thinking" methods. Has there been research on which are the better or age-appropriate strategies? We have heard of Visible Thinking from Harvard. Are there similar programmes being research upon in Singapore?