Monday, April 26, 2010

Lesson Study Learning Journey in December 2010?

I met with Yoshida Makoto (he coined the term lesson study and did his doctoral work in this professional development tool) and Takahashi Akihiko (he has been to Singapore several times) recently and we discussed the idea of such a learning journey for Singapore teachers.

The idea is that they will come to Singapore and run a few days' seminar on lesson study (with a focus on mathematics because we are all mathematics educators). This is to be followed by a trip to Japan where we will get to school how schools do lesson study - not the open lesson type of lesson study but the day-to-day lesson study that is more typical.

We will designed the learning journey in such a way that we will get into schools and see lesson planning, research lesson and lesson revision (with simultaneous translation into English language) followed by discussion with the professors.

When you come back here, the conversation will continue.

Once we get the organizer to work out the tuition fee (to include accommodation plus fee for the instructors as well as organizers who will hunt down schools for us to visit) I will let you know the details. We are thinking of a 10-day thing with about a week in Japan. The classes are likely to be Grade 1 to 8 Mathematics and perhaps Science.

If your school is interested please drop me aline so that we will keep you in the loop.