Sunday, February 14, 2010

Graduate Students Investigating Lesson Study

I am currently enrolled in our school's postgraduate program and will be giving a report on Lesson Study. I am asking for your help in providing me with any research material that may aid me in adding substance to my report.

Patrick, The Philippines

For lesson study in Singapore, I document my work with schools as well as lesson study efforts that I know of at
I can also grant you access to my e-learning portal which has a section on lesson study

Finally and most importantly, the work of a group of people from the APEC economies is invaluable

I am keen to see more graduate students research into this professional development tool.


  1. Dear Dr. Yeap,

    I would like to go to Japan for postgraduate studies focusing on mathematics lesson study. Could you guide me as to which uni should i look into and who are the people should i contact to share my interest?

    P.S. I really like your blog. It helps with my work on lessons study with the teachers :)

    Nor of Brunei

  2. Hiroshima University and Tsukuba University are two leading universities that offers masters and doctoral programmes in mathematics education. You may want to check out their graduate schools for information on foreign students studying in Japan.